realistic synthetic grass
Summer Prestige 40mm
This is arguably the most realistic lawn in the country. 4 tone green monofilament with a dense brown thatch / root zone makes it hard to tell the difference between real and synthetic. It looks a bit like buffalo. Standard pile height is 40mm, shorter pile is available on request. 15 kg per m2 sand infill required.

synthetic grass balcony patio
Simple, low pile non - perforated grass for sticking down onto hard surfaces. Perfect for patios, balconies, verandahs, rooftops and beer gardens. Low 8.5 mm pile height makes it easy to    clean, and does not require a sand infill. This product must be completely glued down if not using as a removable mat

tennis court white line australian synthetic best
Grass Tennis Courts
Artificial Grass Australia specialises in custom made to order tennis courts. 100% Australian made, with the white lines sewn in! Just give us the dimensions, and we will supply your court in 8 pieces with a diagram on how to piece it together! Tennis courts take approximately 10 tonne of infill sand. Available in a range of surfaces.

gym astro turf sled mat grass indoor synthetic
MaxiDrag Ultra
​Our gym turf is the first in the world to be designed specifically for the crossfit industry. Sled pulling tracks, indoor running tracks and exercise areas are what this product is made for! Double backing for increased duribility, KDK non directional yarn for even resistance in every direction, with inbuilt lines available on request.
synthetic lawn supplier sydney australia fake grass
Nomo COOl 40mm
This premium landscape artificial lawn features a 4 tone monofilament yarn with light root / thatch zone. Aesthetically pleasing, it is a fantastic choice for the yard or playground. 40mm high, available in a shorter pile upon request. This grass takes 15kg per m2 of sand infill

synthetic grass sydney
Paradise 35mm
Premium deep green surface with dual tone thatch / root zone.
One of the softest products in our range! It takes 12 kg / m2
sand infill.
As with all of our synthetic grasses it comes with 7 years manufacturers warranty - this product is available for wholesale .

best golf synthetic artificial grass putting
Putting Green
Premium quality sports surface - KDK non - directional yarn with double backing for even ball roll end to end, and unmatched durability. Perfect for putting, no sand infill required! This product must be glued down completely. It comes with a 7 Year manufacturers warranty.

soccer field synthetic football council club
Soccer MF40
​We have the most robust and player friendly soccer turf on the market. 40mm pile height, double backing to protect from cleats, polyethylene yarn for a soft feel. Takes an infill combination of sand and rubber, just rubber only or just sand. Rubber infills help emulate natural ball bounce and impact absorbtion.